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Please note only selected documents and information is presented below, but you are welcome to make contact for further information.

Lesotho Temporary Files:







2004-2006: The Implementation of the the National Waste Management Strategy Project (South Africa):
bullet Download of documents from the National Waste Management Strategy Implementation Project (South Africa) Please refer to: http://www.deat.gov.za/nwmsi/index.html 
2000-2004: The Gauteng Sustainable Health Care Waste Management Project:
bullet All main outputs from the project  CLICK here
bullet Download of documents from the Sustainable Health Care Waste Management Project for Gauteng Province (South Africa) please refer to: http://www.deat.gov.za/nwmsi/GDACE/hcrw.html  
bullet The International Study Tour Report:
bullet Contents of the CD-ROM with all presentations from the First International Healthcare Waste Management Conference, project outputs and external documents 
bullet Various interesting documents regarding HCRW
bullet Fokus Television clip from SABC2 31 August 2004 (in Afrikaans/English) Click to View.  (Req. broadband)
1999-2000: The Cairo University Hospital Health Care Waste Management Project:
bullet Interactive training CD-ROM in Arabic with English and Arabic text and menues (300 MB ZipFile) (request by email 300 MB)

Video from the Training CD produced (in Arabic) (Req. broadband):

bullet Video 1 Transport from Storage Room to Incinerator
bullet Video 2 At Statelite Teminal
bullet Video 3 Waste to Storage Room
bullet Video 4 Chemical Waste
bullet Video 5 Chemical Waste and black bag
bullet Video 6 Closing of black bag
bullet Video 7 Closing of red bag
bullet Video 8 Collection from Internal Storage Room
bullet Video 9 Container from Cool Room
bullet Video 10 Container
bullet Video 11 Feeding the Incinerator
bullet Video 12 Incinerator from outside
bullet Video 13 Needle and syringe
bullet Video 14 Needle removal 
bullet Video 15 Poster
bullet Video 16 Nurse trolley
bullet Video 17 Wire closing of bag
bullet Video 18 Placing small red bag in rack
bullet Video 19 Changing bag in rack
bullet Video 20 Taking empty container back using truck


Selected Presentations:
bullet Presentation at the International Federation of Environmental Health Conference, Durban, February 2004
bullet Presentation of HCRW Study Tour to South Africa, Egypt, Denmark and United Kingdom
Curriculum vitae:
bullet Torben Kristiansen: Updated May 2009: Download 



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